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No parking !
We make sure that on the day of your removal a no-parking zone will be plant so that our truck can be loaded properly in front of your frontdoor. The deployment oft he no-parking zone takes 6 steps:
1st Start- and destination adress will be viewed. On this basis, we decide whether there is a need for a no-parking zone or not.
2nd If so, we get (if desired) an exception permit for the day of removal by your respective city.
3rd At this a fee matures which has to be paid to the city.
4th A few days before your removal we mount a no parking sign in front of your ne wand your former home.
5th On the day of your removal our employees are able to load the truck without any problems, because of the no-parking zone.
6th Our aim: the content customer and legal parking.

The clue is the name… Oumzugur main business
With your removal you are right at Umzüge EDDIE! If you are looking for the „golden mean“ between a fair price and good service you and haveto search any longer. To substantiate this allegation we build different sub-categories where you can take a closer look a tour work and our advantages. We will be pleased to welcome you as a new customer of Umzüge EDDIE.

Since 1999 on the market
- Profit from our experience
In more than 10 years we developed to a professional removal company. Removals are no daily grind for our customers and there is a lot tot hink about. We would like to support you in this particular case to enable you a frictionless removal in your new home. We appreciate your removal from a professional perspektive. Our routined employees take an appraisement,
• which time scale hast o be expected
• which furnishings should be assembled
• is this assembling more or less sophisticated
• is there a need for a no-parking zone
• does the furniture lift makes sense in this case
This and other questions should be asked so that every important point for your removal is clear. Our staff also is an example for our quality. So we stress skilled and prudent emloyees. Here we can revert to our permanent staff, which works for many years for us to our and to our customers satisfaction . Also newbies get a chance to prove themselves in our team. They are always squired by skilled employees. So we are able to keep our quality standards. Our numerous benefit services also proves that our most importent matter is to carry out your move competent and thorough.

Removal with ÜMZÜGE EDDIE… safety first!senioren2
Safety is a very important issue at Umzüge EDDIE. It starts with wrapping your furniture. Often it makes sense to wrap your furniture into protective foil which is always loaded on our trucks for any eventuality. Furthermore our employees have got much experience in carrying heavy and voluminous furniture. This expierience makes sure that damages on the furniture or in the appartment or the staircase are avoided. On our truck we pay our whole attention to your furniture. The driver has got much practice in load restraint and protects your furniture with removal blanketts and lashing straps. To complete our safety concept we, as a transport company, adhere to our in the german commercial code regulated liability.

Attractive and good - Quality doesn’t have tob e expensive!family2
At Umzüge EDDIE you can expect a good service for a fair price. As for prices we distinguish removal companys in two groups:
1) On the one hand there are the big ones. They are old-established firms which dispose of a considerable transport fleet and spacious halls and have got commercial property. This equity will be maintained and so the magnitude will be included in the price.
2) On the other hand there are many small removal companies, who offer their services for less money. But often you are going to have a bad experience with those companies: the furniture are not transported properly and could get damaged.Some of these firms deny the – required by law! – liability. Or other bad surprises like hidden costs wait fort he customer.

We from Umzüge EDDIE afford a middle course between these models. We hold our costs cheap and pass along the saving to our customers. Our skilled employees handle our customers furniture very careful. If something gets damaged anyway we adhere to our german commercial code regulated liability. Finally we guarantee price transparency through our simly-EDDIE-scale-model..